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LaMoor Family 1st is a leading provider for Drug / Alcohol Assessments and SAP Services. We help our customers with the resources and provide step by step guidance they need to put their lives back on track for success. Our goal is providing effective mental health/substance abuse, and SAP services in a safe, and professional environment.

We understand that “life happens” and individuals make mistakes. Our services are provided in a way that is confidential, supportive and NON-JUDGMENTAL.  It is important for us to foster hope through, integrity, respect, and treating others with dignity & compassion. It is our belief that everyone can become the change they want to see when empowered with knowledge, appropriate tools, and adequate support. Our high success rate speaks for itself. We have been recognized as being amongst the most effective service providers in Oklahoma. We further believe that every situation, life throws at us can become a teachable moment to be used for creating future success.

Through our educational programs, we show our customers how to create successes today and in the future. Call or Email Us Now, you are NOT alone!  

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At LaMoor Family 1st we work to establish a great rapport with our consumers. We believe establishing a great rapport with consumers is fundamental to the foundation of the therapeutic relationship and is where growth begins. Being able, to be honest, without fear of judgment allows us to collaborate and work together to develop an individualized success plan that will work best for you! See below what some of our consumers have said about LaMoor Family 1st.

"I feel comfortable talking to you and being honest with you."
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